'Hell on wheels' Teen Mackenzie Shirilla teen who killed boyfriend and his friend in crash is sentenced to 15 years to life

The Ohio teen dubbed “hell on wheels” ‘Mackenzie Shirilla,’ 19, — who intentionally crashed her car at 100 mph into a building, killing her boyfriend and his friend — was sentenced to two concurrent 15 years to life sentences Monday.

She apologized to the families of Flanagan and Russo in court, but she maintained on Monday that she did not mean to kill them.

The judge found Shirilla guilty on August 14 of 12 counts, including multiple counts of murder, felonious assault and aggravated vehicular homicide.

The murder convictions each carried an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance at parole for 15 years. The judge ordered the sentences to be served at the same time and not consecutively, which would have required Shirilla to spend at least 30 years in prison.

“I understand the pain in this room wants me to impose the harshest sentence,” Russo, the judge, said. “I don’t believe Mackenzie will be out in 15 years.”



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