Kobe Bryant Cheered As Ryan Seacrest Gets Shunned Despite Kobe Rape Case

Hollywood Hypocrisy: Kobe Bryant Applauded As Seacrest Is Shunned… Only ONE Has Been Arrested For Rape and it Ain’t Seacrest

Two men… one has been arrested, charged, and taken to court for rape. He only got off when the victim MYSTERIOUSLY stopped cooperating with prosecutors… and word on the street is she got $5 MILLION of hush money for it. (COTR)

One receives a standing ovation and an Oscar… the other is shunned.
Which is which? and WHY?! This needs some SERIOUS explaining!


Kobe Bryant celebrated an amazing victory Sunday night … winning an Oscar and, incredibly, the celebrities in the audience had a case of selective amnesia.

Kobe took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for “Dear Basketball.” The audience cheered Kobe … some even rose to their feet for a standing O.

Interesting … considering the majority of the audience were wearing Time’s Up pins. You may recall — although a lot of the people who came out after the ceremony didn’t — Kobe was arrested in 2003, charged and brought to trial for rape.

The case fell apart when the alleged victim stopped cooperating with prosecutors. Kobe subsequently settled for a reported $5 million, though he denies paying her a cent.

Kobe was Teflon at the awards ceremony. Not so for Ryan Seacrest, who was shunned by some celebs even though he hasn’t been sued, arrested, charged — and was cleared by an E! investigation.

And James Franco was essentially exiled from the Oscars — again not arrested, charged, nothing.

So, why did Kobe get a pass? We spoke with a bunch of stars including Shawn Mendes, Bebe Rexha, Colin Hanks and others who claimed they had no knowledge of his past. Some just made jokes.

Hollywood — consistency not its strong suit.

You KNOW it’s bad when ultra-liberal, celebrity a$$-kissing TMZ calls it out. (COTR)

Well, there ya have it… That’s Hollywood Hypocrites for ya.