Kathy Griffin Shocking New Look After Getting Her Lips Tattooed; 'It's a little swollen'

Kathy Griffin revealed her dramatic new look and fans were left bewildered. Kathy her her lips tattooed last month during a procedure called ‘blushing.’

“I’m f—ked, look at me,” the comedian said to friend Kristen Johnston in a video posted to YouTube.

Johnston laughed as she asked if Griffin’s lips were “real.”

“What did you do?” Johnston asked.

“Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable,” the former “Fashion Police” star said to the camera.

Griffin’s husband, Randy Bick, also let out a chuckle when he saw the aftermath of the procedure.


Kathy revealed her fully recovered lips from the blushing procedure about 4 to 6 days later her lips looked awesome!



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