Kate Hudson Pays Tribute To Stepdad 'Kurt Russell' on Father's Day

On Father’s Day, the “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” shared a heartfelt Father’s Day tribute to actor Kurt Russell, who raised her. Russell and  Goldie Hawn have been partners for 38 years.

Hudson is estranged from her biological father, Bill Hudson.

Referencing to Kurt Russel as ‘Pa’ in an Instagram post, Hudson wrote:

“Our great loyal protector. Our dependable authentic captain. Our wild, sometimes untamed adventurer father! From skiing out of helicopters, flying in open cockpit planes, dirt bikes, bareback horse riding, motorcycle rides, boat racing…a childhood and adulthood of adventure. Our Pa always makes life fun. Always down for exploring, always ready to take on the good life with his family. He’s one hell of a Dad ❤️ Lucky us 🙏 Happy Fathers Day Pa I love you so much ❤️” -Kate Hudson,


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Kate Hudson’s sibling ‘Oliver Hudson’ posted to his Instagram:

“It doesn’t really matter which one of these men is my father. “My Pa stepped in when I was 6 and made the man I am today.. “My Dad is half of me and as I get to know him I realize how alike we actually are.. and there’s a very good chance Warren Beatty is my actually father.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! #itsokaytocry.”


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