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Hustler Cover’s Model Wearing American Flag as Hijab

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]Model Wearing American Flag as Hijab on Magazine Cover Shows Underboob

Hustler, a pornographic magazine, released an incendiary new cover.

That alone is not newsworthy, but considering the political climate of late, the magazine is seeing just how far it can challenge patriotic ideals in Trump’s America.

The new cover, first pointed out by Barstool Sports, features a brown-eyed model with an American flag fashioned as a hijab, a headscarf that many Muslim women wear. Peeping out from beneath is a bit more than an outline of the model’s breast. The cover’s text reads, “America’s Magazine: Anniversary Special” and near the bottom, “Freedom First.”

Hustler Cover's Model Wearing American Flag as Hijab 1

While Hustler did not promote the cover on any of its social media channels, Yahoo Style confirmed with a Hustler customer service representative that the cover is real and was mailed out to subscribers.

This would not be the magazine’s first cover pushing the boundary between sensationalist and salacious. The July 1976 Hustler cover featured a tight-pan image of a woman’s bikini area, wearing what appears to be American flag-printed undergarments.

Larry Flynt is jumping to the defense of the magazine’s 43rd anniversary issue.

The controversial cover features a woman wearing an American flag hijab that is pulled up to reveal part of her bare breast with the words “Freedom First” at the bottom.

“The Hustler Anniversary Issue is an irreverent political statement against the taboos of repression,” Flynt told Fox News.

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