Groom 'Aric Hutchinson' Breaks Silence After Bride Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver on Wedding Day

The husband of a woman who was killed on her wedding day has broken his silence and speaks about the horrific moment he learned his new bride had died.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. That night, going from an all-time high to an all-time low, it’s pretty rough to try to comprehend,” Hutchinson told GMA.

Aric Hutchinson, 36, and Samantha Hutchinson were leaving their wedding reception on April 28 at Folly Beach in South Carolina when the golf cart they were traveling in was struck by a speeding car.

“She wanted the night to never end.”

In an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Aric Hutchinson spoke out for the first time since an alleged drunk driver hit them, killing his bride, Samantha Miller, on their wedding night last month.

“I do remember the last thing I remember her saying was she wanted the night to never end,” said Hutchinson, who said the next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital room, asking, “Where’s Sam?”

“That’s when [my mother] told me there’s an incident and that Sam didn’t make it,” he said.

Hutchinson, 36, spoke after he filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the alleged drunk driver accused of crashing into them and the local bars accused of serving her “excessive” alcohol.

The lawsuit alleges Jamie Komoroski, 25, was grossly negligent and reckless on April 28 when authorities say she got behind the wheel with a .261 BAC, more than triple the legal limit, and sped up before hitting the golf cart in a “drunken haze” in Folly Beach, near Charleston, South Carolina.

She faces charges of reckless vehicular homicide and three counts of driving under the influence, causing death or great bodily injury, according to Charleston County Sheriff’s Office online records.

Komoroski’s defense attorneys, Chris Gramiccioni, Deb Gramiccioni and Nathan Williams, asked the public not to rush to judgment, the Associated Press Reported.

“Our court system is founded upon principles of justice and mercy, and that is where all facts will come to light,” they said, the AP reported.

At the scene, Komoroski refused sobriety and a breath test, the affidavit shows. Court papers show when her blood was drawn her blood alcohol content was 0.261, more than three times the legal limit to drive.

Jailed without bond, Komoroski is due in court next month for a hearing, records show.

Credit: GMA, ABC News, USA Today



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