Authorities say he committed suicide

TMZ is reporting Mark Salling is dead in what the authorities say is an apparent suicide. Salling recently entered a guilty plea to possession of child pornography, and his sentencing was set for March.

TMZ has the details:

We’re told his body was found near a riverbed in Sunland … the area where he lived. We do not yet know the manner of death. We’re told he may have died after hanging himself.  We’ve learned the address where Salling was found dead is a little league field near a creek. 

The former “Glee” star was awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography involving prepubescent minors. Prosecutors say he had 50,000 images of underage children.

Lot’s of mixed reactions on Twitter. Well, as for me I’d still wish his family peace and prayers, regardless of what he did a family still lost a family member. 


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  1. He’s nothing but a low life piece of 💩

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