A young woman is standing by her boyfriend despite him suffering from a serious tumour that has spread across his face.

Loyal girlfriend Atittaya Chumkeaw is looking after her boyfriend, Pooh Chokchai Kaew, 21, who is suffering from eye cancer which has spread and threatens his life.

Atittaya, from the city of Songkhla, in Thailand’s Songkhla Province, posted a picture of the pair on social media and wrote: ‘Third anniversary, love the same.’

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‘The family revealed that doctors have no treatment, with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. But the young man still hopes for a miracle and that the tumour will disappear.

‘But this post is not to give false hope to cancer patients. I admire the girl who is standing by her partner. Fans say the love that she gives to her boyfriend is the best thing she can offer. It may even cause miracles to happen.’

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