Gayle King praised for keeping composure in the explosive R Kelly interview

Gayle King opened up to ET about her interview with R. Kelly that aired Wednesday on CBS This Morning, in which the embattled singer was highly emotional while denying all sexual abuse allegations against him.

The intense interview marks 52-year-old Kelly’s first since being charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse late last month. The singer was extremely passionate during his interview with King — shouting at times, repeatedly asking where the camera was, and at one point, sobbing.

Gayle King kept her composure when she sat down with a fired-up R. Kelly.

While Kelly blamed social media for the allegations against him, celebrities and fans on Twitter applauded King, 64, for her journalistic skills and praised her professionalism.

(R. Kelly was “unhinged” in interview with Gayle King, columnist says) Watch the full interview:

“I thought a couple of times that maybe we’re witnessing a breakdown as it’s happening, and that’s why I asked him towards the end of the interview, ‘Have you thought about therapy, or are you in therapy?'” King tells ET. “And he seemed to think, ‘Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that.’ He became very emotional and very, very adamant that his voice was heard.”

King says the interview got so intense at one point that a producer suggested they stop, but she says it was Kelly who refused.

Gayle King is being praised for keeping her composure throughout.

Kelly was released from jail on Feb. 25 after being indicted by a grand jury on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse against four alleged victims, Cook Country Sheriff confirmed.

The R&B singer secured his release by paying 10 percent of his $1 million bail amount.

Hours earlier, Kelly’s attorney Steven Greenberg pleaded not guilty on Kelly’s behalf, reported the Associated Press.

R. Kelly has been arrested again, this time over unpaid child support payments.

The 52-year-old R&B singer was taken into custody after Wednesday’s hearing for failing to pay ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, more than $161,000 in back child support by today’s court mandated deadline. The Kellys finalized their divorce in 2009 after 13 years of marriage. They share three children: 20-year-old Joann, otherwise known as Buku Abi; Jay, 18; and Robert Jr., who is 16.

According to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Sam Charles, Kelly will have to pay $161,663 to be released from jail. Kelly came to court purportedly prepared to set up a payment plan.