[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”hover”][/sg_popup]Fox host to Trump: ‘Fake news media’ isn’t the issue, it’s you

President Trump earlier Tuesday attacked the media, arguing reporters “hate” his use of Twitter to reach Americans.

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday said no one vets Trump’s tweets before he posts them.

“I think social media for the president is extremely important,” she added. “It gives him the ability to speak directly to the people without the bias of the media filtering those types of communications.”

Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday hit President Trump for his criticism of media outlets’ coverage of his Twitter habits.

“Mr. President, it’s not the fake news media that’s your problem,” he said on Fox. “It’s you. It’s not just your tweeting, it’s your scapegoating. It’s your refusal to see that sometimes you’re the one who’s feeding your own beast and acting beastly with your own guys.”

“Mr. President, they didn’t tweet disparaging comments about a London mayor in the middle of a murder spree — you did. They didn’t turn on a travel ban that you signed — you did. You’re right to say a lot of people are out to get you … but … the buck stops with you, Mr. President.”

“I find it ironic that on this, the 73rd anniversary of D-Day, some of your most ardent backers are desperately girding for another battle — not for Normandy — for normalcy,” said Cavuto.