(WATCH LIVE) FBI’s Peter Strzok Testifies on Anti-Trump Bias Before House Panel 

Strzok’s anti-Trump text messages fueled suspicions of partisan bias over the course of the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The texts raised serious questions about the FBI’s integrity during the contentious election.

In revelations from the report, Strzok exchanged troubling communications with a fellow FBI colleague Lisa Page in which he appeared adamant that they would “stop” then-candidate Trump from ever becoming president. Page and Strzok both worked on the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails and, later, on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Strzok faced contentious questioning from Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-South Carolina, on this point.

Strzok told the panels today that he “doesn’t recall” writing the text, saying that it was an off-the-cuff message written late at night, and it did not suggest that he or the FBI would take any action to intervene in election.