This is I think the craziest recipe I’ve ever came across. While searching for a ham recipe I came across this. I don’t think i would follow this recipe but it is interesting.

Coca-Cola Country Ham 1

Coca-Cola Country Ham

Photo & Recipe by TN Home and Farm

If you follow along with Tennessee Home & Farm’s original recipe, you’re going to need the following:

• A year-old country ham with the hock cut off
• A 5-gallon pot
• A 24-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola (or any cola will do)
• A large cardboard box, big enough to fit the 5-gallon pot
• Newspaper
• A stack of magazines
• A large quilt or blanket, big enough to cover that large cardboard box
• Whole cloves
• A roasting pan
• A box or bag of brown sugar
• A bottle of spicy mustard



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