I should know better than to tell a lie I never get away with it. I had a friend ask me to lunch one day last week. I would not really consider her a friend she is more of an acquaintance. I’ve tried to be nice since she is my husband’s co-workers girlfriend and I don’t have many friends since moving to Oklahoma.

This acquaintance is quite annoying always relaying how much she does for her boyfriend’s children and how awesome they think she is. Plus telling me all of the dirty little details about their sex life. This is not like just a thirty-minute or hour-long conversation this is a four hour at a time conversation. She also spends the entire time pulling me away from the men keeping me in the kitchen or outside continuously speaking negatively about her boyfriend and their relationship.

After many lunches and many occasions spent together, I just did not feel compelled to spend a lunch with her last week. Therefore, I lied! I know I am horrible but before I realized it, my mouth was spelling out a big fat lie. I told her knowing my car was in top shape and running quite well “Oh I’m sorry I can’t meet you for lunch my car is not running right now and it is in the shop”.

This is no lie (this is the truth) the VERY next day after telling this woman my car was not running, I had to go to the grocery store.

I have my beef cutlets sitting out, flour mixture and eggs ready to go when I realize I need Mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce to make Chicken Fried Beef Cutlet Parmesan. It is 3:30 and I only have until 5:30 to get dinner ready just in time for my husband walking through the door.

I rustle up my shoes get them on; grab a jacket, my purse and Harley (my dog). I’ve got Harley loaded, seat belt on and am ready to go. I turn the key to my blazer and all I hear is gurgling and spewing. It will turn over but will not fire up. I try for fifteen minutes and get absolutely nothing. My car will not start!

(I might add that I’ve had my blazer for five years and never have I had one ounce of trouble out of my car)

Sitting there in my blazer looking at Harley I remember the lie I told the day before it’s like this huge billboard in my head “My car is not running it’s in the shop”

My husband is very superstitious so I don’t tell him the lie I told. My blazer needed a cap and rotor we got it back from the shop today. This lie costs $300 dollars and NO, I never told my husband that I lied. If I told him then the $300 dollars would be my fault. I would have to pay for this in more ways than just money and I’m just a liar not stupid! 

The moral is I should not tell a lie I always get caught in one way or another.



  1. Oh boy! The $300 lie – I think we all believe these things. My mom used to say “God will get you for that Amy Sue”. It was enough to keep a small child on the straight and narrow. Best wishes for NaBloPoMo!

    1. Yeap I can never get away with telling a lie you would think I would know by now. Thanks and good luck to you too 🙂

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