Chelsea Manning proves just how low she can go and just how DISGUSTING she can be; She has a little special message for the police

Chelsea Manning has a NASTY message for the police on #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay

Today — January 9th — is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. These men and women put their lives on the line everyday and do so much for our communities. When our lives are in danger or we have an emergency WHO DO WE CALL??? I’ll give you a hint and it darn sure isn’t Chelsea Manning, The least we can do is show a little respect and let them know that we appreciate what them.

Not everyone is so nice on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. POS traitor egg-suckin’ dawg Chelsea Manning sent a little message of his own. 

Look at this vile message Manning tweeted out:


I sure hope Chelsea never needs those criminals armed with “shiny pieces of metal” to save him. Talking about calling the kettle black though— ‘How hilarious is it to hear a treasonous traitor talk about “the worst” criminals? Holy mother of ZERO self-awareness!’ From my favorite chicks, which by the way is where I first heard of this today.