Candace Cameron Bure opens up about hosting on 'The View' "The stress and the anxiety — I actually have a pit in my stomach right now."

The Fuller House star, a Republican, was a co-host on ABC’s talk show ‘The View’  in 2015 and 2016, appearing in seasons 19 and 20.

Speaking on this week’s episode of The View‘s Behind the Table podcast, Cameron Bure recalled her time on the show: “The stress and the anxiety—I actually have a pit in my stomach right now.

“There was only one type of stress that I’ve ever felt in my life, that came from that show. And I [have] PTSD, like, I can feel it. It was so difficult, and to manage that emotional stress was very, very hard.”

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Discussing why she joined the show, she said: “I was pitched a completely different direction because that was my hesitation. I said, ‘Politics is not, it’s not my bag. I’ve never spoken publicly about politics. I don’t even come from a political family, meaning I didn’t grow up speaking about politics.’

“So they had told me, ‘We’re going so much lighter,’ a lot more would be evergreen. We want to talk more about family and sex and life, so I was, like, absolutely, 100 percent, I’m on board. And then it all changed when Trump entered the race.”

Going on to address her struggle with the daily topics she was required to discuss, Cameron Bure told The View star Sara Haines: “[I was] just trying to understand and have a general grasp of topics that I didn’t want to talk about or didn’t care about.”

She said: “When I felt like I was going into a show that I didn’t have a clear opinion about, or it was something that I was legitimately nervous to talk about because I did have an opinion about it, but I knew I was the only one at the table that had my opinion, I would just get sick to my stomach.

“I hated that feeling. And then I’m like, ‘I don’t know who’s going to come at me.’ … And not in a mean way, because nobody came at me in a mean way. To me, I felt like everyone had their opinion but was respectful for the most part.

“But I was also told so many times, ‘If someone comes at you with a different opinion, you have to go back a second time.’ I want to share my opinion. I want to listen to yours. And then I wanna back off.”

The View, by far, was the toughest job,” Cameron Bure stated. “And as soon as Donald Trump won that election, I was like, this has got to go because I could not, I did not want to be the punching bag for the next four years in that conservative seat.

“I just didn’t want to. And it wasn’t worth it to me. It wasn’t worth my mental health, which was already suffering, so it was a very easy decision.”

Despite admitting that the stress often left her “crying before the show,” Cameron Bure insisted that she doesn’t regret having appeared on The View.

“I don’t know that I regret anything, honestly,” she said on the podcast. “I feel like there were so many wonderful takeaways from the show. And as difficult as that job was, I’m very, very grateful for it.”

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Candace Cameron Bure opens up about hosting on 'The View' "The stress and the anxiety — I actually have a pit in my stomach right now." 1