Nothing will steal the spotlight from the bride like a newborn baby. When a wedding and a C-section ended up being scheduled for the same day, sparks flew. The bride, feeling slighted, shared her story with the Internet in hopes of finding some support.

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Reddit user Ginnywhatchoowannado took to the site’s forums to share her side of the story. After she got engaged last November, she and her fiance had set a June date almost immediately. Unfortunately, her time in the spotlight didn’t last long.

“A few weeks (after announcing the date) my brother-in-law and sister-in-law announced the pregnancy of their first child,” her story began. “My sister-in-law is still very young and she grew up very spoiled. She’s still very self-centered but since her pregnancy, she has started maturing. Despite our personality differences she and I have grown sort of close. I was genuinely excited about the baby.”

The problems apparently began with the wedding shower. After the soon-to-be bride set a date for May and sent out invites, the pregnant sister-in-law made a shocking decision. “About two weeks before my shower my sister-in-law sent out invites for her baby shower-for May 19th,” the post explained. “My husband’s relatives who I had invited and who had RSVPed my shower skipped my shower for hers.” To makes matters worse, “(My sister-in-law) showed up at my shower in the last hour wearing a white dress, a tiara, and a pink satin sash over her chest.”

Things somehow got even worse. “About a week before my wedding, (my sister-in-law) announces that she scheduled her c-section for (the same day as the wedding),”

Bride Furious That Sister-In-Law Scheduled C-Section On Her Wedding Day 1