Oliver Anthony Cancels Knoxville Show Over Disagreement Over High Ticket Prices 'My shows should never cost more than $40'

Anthony Oliver took to Facebook and Instagram to tell his fans not to buy tickets for the  Cotton Eyed Joe. concert, he apologized for the high price of the tickets.

The “Rich Men North of Richmond” singer was expected to perform at Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville, Tennessee on Sept. 27.

“Don’t buy Cotton Eye Joe tickets for $99 a piece, and sure as hell don’t buy VIP passes for whatever b— price they’re on,” he said in the video posted to his Instagram as cars zoomed by. “That’s horse— … I didn’t agree to it, and I don’t want you to pay it.”

Within hours, the show was canceled!

In a statement on Facebook announcing the cancellation, Anthony did not blame the venue. instead, he said it was a ‘miscommunication.’

Anthony posted to his Instagram:

“Don’t buy $90 Cotton Eyed Joe tickets or $200 for a meet and greet. That’s not acceptable. Just saw the Facebook post and lost my shit. Miscommunication with my friend booking shows and I. My shows should never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25. Hell, out of the 4 shows we have currently done, 2 of them have been completely free. This will get straightened out tonight. Hold off on buying tickets for now.”

The 31-year-old’s hit song “Rich Men North of Richmond” unexpectedly debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart.

After the show was canceled, the Knoxville club posted a since-deleted post pointed at Anthony’s hit song’s lyrics and writing on its Facebook page:

“It’s a Damn Shame what the Worlds gotten to for the Customers of the World Famous Cotton Eyed Joe.” The venue said it had contracted Anthony to play one hour for $120,000. It said the ticket prices were intended to allow the 1,500-person club to “break even.” “To our talent agency and promotor (sic) friends that follow us … be careful booking the North Man of Richmond,” Cotton Eyed Joe closed its post.

Source: Country Music Alley, LA Times, Billboard



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