UPDATE ON APRIL THE GIRAFFE! Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Giraffe watch Continues.
Newest update 2/27 morning report. April is eating breakfast this morning and body condition remains as day prior. Continued movement of baby inside, and big baby kicks

See live video cam below! Giraffe watch continues.






  1. I CANNOT believe some ‘people’ would get their knickers in a bunch over this and label it ‘obscene’ and ‘nudity’!!! Some folks got WAAAAAY too much time on their hands!

    1. I agree totally. Waaaay to much time on their hands. I believe this is a wonderful thing and it is a beautiful thing that we would never get to see in the wild and only mother nature could provide this awesome spectacular moment….

  2. This is so exciting but wish we had sound. How many babies does this make for april.

      1. Jackie, maybe you know this- do giraffes make any sounds at all?

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