Amber Heard Recounts Johnny Depp’s Alleged Threat To “Carve Up My Face” With Broken Bottle

Amber Heard told the jury that Johnny Depp said, “he’d carve up my face,” in Australia in March 2015 during an argument.

***TRIGGER WARNING*** This article contains sensitive subject matter.

Revealing that Johnny taunted her with the broken glass, Heard said that Depp ripped her nightgown off, threw at least one goblet, and left her naked on the floor with the broken glass.

She added that Depp was screaming at her that “he f_ _king hates me and I ruined his life” while punching the wall next to her, at one point “had me by the neck.”

“I’ll f_ _king kill you, he said it over and over,” Heard said Depp yelled at her as he penetrated her with a bottle “over and over again” while they were in Australia.

Heard at one point while testifying asked her attorney Elaine Bredehoft not to pry too much, Heard expanded on the incident describing her bruises, and bloody wounds.

Along with claims of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, Heard alleges that Depp sexually assaulted the actress repeatedly during their relationship. Depp has denied this allegation against him.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life,” the actress said sobbing on the stand. i

“I was trying to tell him he was really hurting me, I don’t think he knew what he was doing,” Heard said, before breaking down on the stand. “I couldn’t breathe.”

Heard described waking up to blood and paint-stained house. There was a message that appeared to be what she thought was her name smeared with food everywhere.

“He wasn’t there anymore, it wasn’t Johnny,” she said of the expression on her then spouse’s face. She did find out on that day that Depp was missing a part of his finger.

“I just remember being scared and not knowing what the Hell was going on,” Heard told the jury. Soon afterward that fight she left Australia.

Heard testified that Depp insulted her as a “fat ass,” “whore” and said no one in his circle liked her. At one point, Heard said Johnny was “belligerent” and screamed at her: “You wanna go, little girl!”

Heard also said Depp said in Australia that “the only way out of this was death.”

The court will resume at 9 a.m. ET on May 16 and closing arguments are scheduled for May 27. The Judge as customary instructed the jury not to read, watch or listen to anything about the case.