Adele James Corden Cry and Laugh During Final 'carpool karaoke'

After eight years, James Corden is saying goodbye to The Late Late Show for good, and with it, the popular ‘Carpool Karaoke’ segment.

Adele gave Corden a ride to work ahead of The Late Late Show’s final episode on April 27. In the last Carpool Karaoke video the comedian and singer both got teary-eyed chatting about their longtime friendship and careers.

The host is stepping away from the CBS show after eight years to move his family back to London.

“It’s been a crazy eight years,” he describes. “In one sense, it feels like it’s gone like that, and then in another sense, I feel like I don’t really remember what life was like without being here.”

“I’ve never lived in LA without you guys,” Adele says, “I’m a bit nervous about how it’s going to be and obviously very, very sad.”

They both reflected on a previous memory when Corden attempted to prank Adele on the show and after going down memory lane, they started singing “Love Is A Game.”

“Love is a game for fools to play / And I ain’t fooling / What a cruel thing to self-inflict that pain,” they passionately sing together.


Credit: Today, People, 



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