A couple who met on a plane and now travel the world together are getting married

Gabriel Solberg and Krystina Burton will be getting married soon they fell in love on a plane.

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After seeing Solberg’s ticket, Burton said, she noticed he was in her boarding group, but he got on the plane long before. “Wow, no spatial awareness, and he doesn’t follow the rules? Who does he think he is?” she said she thought of Solberg.

All this melted away when the couple realized they were sitting together on the Alaska Airlines aircraft. “We were stuck on the tarmac for like an hour, and I got excited talking to her,” said Burton of the six-hour flight, which took eight hours with delays.

Travel has played a central role in engaged couple Krystina Burton and Gabriel Solberg’s almost four-year relationship.

Burton, 33, and Solberg, 38, travel the world together and post Instagram content for their surplus of 16,000 followers on their @swirlthroughtheworld account. They’re now planning a destination wedding in St. Lucia, they told Insider.

Further conversations about spirituality — Solberg is Jewish, and Burton was raised Catholic — family, work, and travel allowed them to quickly establish common ground, they said, as well as how their differences complemented each other.

As soon as they got off the plane, the pair exchanged numbers and a kiss on the cheek from Solberg, who said he texted his brother saying, “I just met the girl of my dreams.”

A couple who met on a plane and now travel the world together are getting married 1




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