The Maryland couple behind the YouTube channel ‘DaddyOFive’ have lost custody of the kids following child abuse accusations and an official investigation into their cruel YouTube pranks against their kids.

YouTubers who played extreme pranks on kids lose custody 1

The Maryland couple were blasted online for pulling a cruel prank on their son — which included cursing the young boy out and convincing him he had done something terribly wrong.

“Get your f–king a– up here!” the child’s mother shouts at the start of a 6½-minute video, which was posted to YouTube and shows the deranged stunt going down.

“What the f–k did you do?! What the f–k?!” she screams repeatedly, as her husband films.

“What the hell is that,” the diabolical dad says, panning out to a mess of strewn Uno cards and fake ink spilled everywhere.

“I didn’t do that!” the boy says, breaking down in tears and clutching his chest in fear.

“I swear to God I didn’t do that!” he explains frantically. “Mom and Dad, I didn’t do that! I swear!”


YouTubers who played extreme pranks on kids lose custody

The “Invisible Ink Prank” video racked up more than 300,000 views since being shared last week. In it, the couple stages a fake spill on a bedroom carpet and pretends to blame it on their son, Cody, in retaliation for a prior mess he had made.

“And here you go with the f–king lying again,” his mom says, as the boy cowers in the corner.

“You did this before!”

YouTubers who played extreme pranks on kids lose custody

The couple made approximately $200,000 to $350,000 annually from the channel, according to New York Magazine.

‘We could give them a whole lot more than we could before,’ Heather said of the money. ‘We just felt like we were doing the best thing we could for them.’

DaddyOFive Founders Issue Public Apology

Cody and his sister Emma, 12, are now living with their mother Rose Hall. Ms Hall appeared in a video with her lawyer Tim Conlon, in which she thanked the many YouTubers and online commenters who had been calling for her children to be removed from their father and stepmother.

“They’re doing good,” says Hall of her children. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

No charges have been filed so far against Michael and Heather Martin of Ijamsville, the couple behind the popular YouTube channel “DaddyOFive.”