Woman's Client Sends Racist Email After Learning the Business Owner Is Black

A black business owner received an email from a client stating that they didn’t want to do business with a ‘person of color.’ The owner shared the email on TikTok, and now as you can imagine, it’s gone viral.

It’s disgusting and shocking! In the email, the customer demands a refund for the items they purchased.

“Can you please cancel my order? Unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that you’re a person of color and I just don’t like to support small business[es] that do not [align] with my version of support,” the client wrote in the email.

According to what Tiesha posted in the TikTok video, the customer followed up her request with this nonsense…

“Before you start and go on a race tyrant please be aware it [is] called my preference […] Because we are all aware of how you people like to act when things do not go your way,” the client wrote.

Watch the TikTok:


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In the video, the small business owner ‘Tiesha’ asks the viewers for advice on how she should respond to the client.

“All my business owners, my people of color, how would you guys respond to this email?” Tiesha asked with a screenshot of the email pulled up.

Some suggested the owner share the email with the client’s employer. Others urged the TikToker to share the client’s information so they could expose her.

“Give the refund and forward the email to their boss. Bye bye job,” one urged.

“I would figure out their employer and send them a copy of this email to see how they feel about it,” another suggested.

Tiesha is 34 and a mother of four, according to the Royalty’s One Stop Shop official website. She’s a survivor of domestic violence and the business sells fashionable self-defense products.

This post first appeared on the Daily Dot.