Woman Shaves Legs in Public Pool Viral Video CRAZY!

A woman in Florida quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons after being videoed shaving her legs in a hotel pool.

It’s an old clip, but new to me, this is just crazy.  In May 2018 this video was posted to Reddit, the swimmer was outed by fellow pool-goers who can be heard commenting on the public shaving.

It’s hard to mistake what the woman is doing for anything else. At first, I thought maybe she was just scratching her leg or something, but nope, she’s got a razor in her hand. Children swimming all around her the entire time.

Several people commenting on Reddit claimed this personal hygiene foul is just the tip of the iceberg at public pools across the country. “Yeah I used to work at a public pool and for whatever reason, they attract the worst of humanity. I would never swim in a public pool after that experience,” one person alleged.

“My leg hurts from running too much and I was considering becoming a swimmer at my local YMCA,” another reader added. “After reading this comment. Nope. I’d rather run on my sprained knee.”

It’s odd how at ease the woman seems to be while shaving her legs in a hotel pool.