Woman ‘dabs’ As Trump Signs Sex Trafficking Bill

A woman dabs standing behind President Trump as he signed a bill against online sex trafficking in the Oval Office on Wednesday.

(MSN) The woman – who was identified to reporters as MA – is a sex trafficking survivor who was the first person to sue Backpage.com, a classified ads website that is often used for sex trafficking and the prostitution of minors.

The woman dabbed as Trump gave some remarks before signing the bill and then was given a few seconds to talk to the president.

M.A., woman who sued Backpage.com, dances as President Trump signs bill combatting online sex trafficking. “It’s about damn time.” 

– ABC News (@ABC) April 11, 2018
“I am not a survivor. I am MA. It’s about damn time,” the woman told Trump before one final dab while the president was watching.

The woman sued Village Voice Media in 2010, which owned Backpage at the time, after she was kidnapped and sold via the site.

Her case led to a number of similar lawsuits that led the Justice Department to recently seize the site and charge several of the site’s founders with alleged prostitution and money laundering.

The legislation signed Wednesday, called the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA), cuts into the broad protections websites have from legal liability for content posted by their users.