White House official Ja’Ron Smith makes personal pitch for President Trump at RNC; ‘I have seen his true conscience’

Ja’Ron Smith, the highest-ranking Black White House aide, said that in a moment of “national racial consciousness,” he has seen the “true conscience” of President Trump.

Ja’Ron Smith, the deputy assistant to President Trump, said he wishes everyone could see Trump’s “deep empathy” to victims of violence during his speech at the 2020 RNC.

Ja’Ron Smith, President Trump’s domestic policy assistant, is proud Mr. Trump is president because he tries to take on every issue important to black communities.

“He takes action,” Mr. Smith told the audience watching the Republican National Convention Thursday night, pointing to prison reform and bringing jobs back to cities like Detroit and Milwaukee.

“President Trump knows that education is the great equalizer,” he said.

Watch: If you’re unable to watch the video below follow this link.


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