Wendy's Gives Hardee's a Smack Down on Twitter!

Hardee’s learned the hard way what McDonald’s already did: Don’t ever mess with Wendy’s on Twitter, because you’re probably going to get burned.

This all started yesterday when two random Twitter users got into a debate over whose 4 for $4 deal was better – Wendy’s or Hardee’s –


Hardee’s tried to get in on the conversation


Wedny’s was called in to comment and they could not let the insult just go

And that’s where it got a little heated

Wendy's Gives Hardee's a Smack Down on Twitter!

It’s weak that Hardee’s blocked Wendy’s since Hardee’s escalated the issue by talking smack. But hey, Wendy’s is the fast-food King of Twitter. Wendy’s takes the insult and delivers the final smack down every time.