Watch This 'Dairy Queen' Ice Cream Trick Is a Treat for Everyone

It’s warming up out there what better way to cool off than Dairy Queen ice cream just watch this TikTok video you’re going to love it.

The clip shared by @hamptonchocolatefactory is going viral with over 5.2 million views, all because of a Dairy Queen ice cream hack that’s revealed in the video. After watching this video, you might never do soft serve the same way ever again.

@hamptonchocolatefactory Decadent Ice Cream Molten Chocolate Shell in a cup or cone? #chocolateshell #lifehack #tampafoodie #chocolatelover #softserve #foodie #HPSustainableSounds #CatOnALeash ♬ original sound – Dylan Lemay

The process looks a little bit messy. But once that shell hardens, you won’t have to worry about being covered in chocolate. Then again, if you’re someone who can’t resist the cone, this trick might not be for you.