Actress Jennifer Aniston guest hosted “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday, and decided that, since she was on the Warner Bros. set anyway, she might as well visit her old TV haunts and play a little prank on people taking the “Friends” tour.

So, the 50-year-old star hid behind the sofa on the Central Perk set and waited quietly as fans prepared to get their photos taken … until the perfect moment presented itself.

In epic “Ellen” tradition, Aniston suddenly jumped out from behind the seating and gave them a fright, before offering up coffee and some playful criticism.

A photographer asked each person to reveal their favorite character from the series before the jump-scare took place. “Ross,” one said. “Joey,” another answered. A couple preferred Phoebe. One by one, they all had to face Aniston as she greeted them with disbelief over their picks.


This story appeared on The Today Show