Watch: Hilarious spoof press conference: Woman mocks the contradictory information surrounding COVID-19

Adley Stump, a singer and former contestant on The Voice, shared her  coronavirus rules in the parody video she shared on social media. Stump brilliantly pokes fun at the mixed messages surrounding the novel coronavirus while holding a mock press conference on what people should and should not be doing during the pandemic.

‘Yeah, I really don’t understand why everybody isn’t following the same rules right now. They’re very clear. So let’s take a minute and go over them again,’ says the 31-year-old host of The Adley Show on Facebook.

‘First, you must not leave the house for any reason, unless, of course, you have a reason and then you may leave the house,’ she explains. ‘All stores are closed, except those that are open. And all stores must close, unless, of course, they need to stay open.’