Video: woman gave birth in a Denver jail cell alone; now she and her son will receive $480,000

Diana Sanchez screamed as she writhed on the small bed inside her cell at the Denver County Jail. Gripping the thin mattress with one hand, she tried to use the other to take off her white cloth pants, only managing to free her left leg. Her face glistened with sweat. She had been in labor for hours, and now her baby was coming.

At 10:44 a.m. on July 31, 2018, in a moment captured on surveillance video, Sanchez gave birth to her son alone in her cell without medical supervision or treatment, despite repeatedly telling the jail’s staff that she was having contractions.

She went through the harrowing birth without assistance.

In fact, no one even called for an ambulance until after Jordan was born!

Footage captured from inside Diana’s jail cell, showing her struggling and screaming in the stages of labor, went viral, and left viewers horrified. Diana was shown lying on the hard cot inside her cell while writhing in pain.In the weeks after Jordan’s birth, Diana spoke with the Fox31 Problem Solvers.

Diana sued local authorities, and now there’s a new update to the story. The determined mother has been on a mission to receive justice for her and her son, and it looks like they’ll be getting that very soon.

Original story appeared on the Washington Post.


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