Video shows CEO firing 900 employees effective immediately telling them they were part of an "unlucky group"

Vishal Garg, the CEO of fired 900 employees during a Zoom call, just weeks before the Christmas holiday. He told employees they were part of an “unlucky group” who were going to be terminated “effective immediately”.

The video began circulating on social media and Garg has faced harsh criticism for terminating so many employees ahead of the Christmas holidays.

“If you’re on this call, you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off,” Garg, looking stiff and unemotional, said on the call.

“Your employment here is terminated effective immediately.”

After Vishal Garg fired the employees then he ridiculed them in later comments while on the zoom call.

Forbes reported on leaked emails last year in which Garg compared his employees to “DUMB DOLPHINS” who were “slow,” saying they would be “eaten by sharks.”

“You are TOO DAMN SLOW. You are a bunch of DUMB DOLPHINS… SO STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME,” he allegedly wrote in the email.

Critics flooded the business rating website Truepilot with negative reviews for

This Twitter post of the firing shows 45 seconds of the 3-minute zoom call.

Watch the zoom call in its entirety below, if you’re unable to watch the video here, follow this link.