A suicide bomber brutally murdered at least 22 individuals– including an 8-year-old girl– and wounded at least 59 more in Manchester last night. Twelve of those wounded are “seriously injured children.” Children

I thought we, as a society, were on the same page. Islamic terrorists who blow up innocent children need to be eradicated from this planet. No ifs ands or buts. We’re all on the same page, right? Eh. Spoke too soon.

Behold: People you actually share a planet with:

LOL… That’s all I got for this ⇓

What in the…? What does an entire race of people have to do with the fact that a suicide bomber MURDERED INNOCENT CHILDREN????

Unbelievable Reactions To The Manchester Terrorist Attack

Notice that Louise has no problem saying “Nazis” aren’t welcome in the UK. And I’m just over here wondering why she isn’t disinviting Muslim extremists from the UK.

Also, if you criticize her batsh*t thoughts, you’re a Russian bot. FYI.

Listen. I know ISIS has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack in Manchester, but EFF THESE NAZIS.

Lousie isn’t going to demonize Islam.


I can’t even deal with the stupid on Twitter right now. I have to stop looking. — h/t Chicks On The Right

ISIS Supporters Cheer Manchester Bombing, Urge More Such Attacks

ISIS propaganda materials called for similar attacks to be carried out elsewhere, using the slogans, “Kill Them Wherever You Find Them” and “Kill Them Everywhere.” Continue reading >>>

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