Twitter Meltdown! Kellyanne Conway cozy on Oval Office couch

Twitter debate sparks over photo of Conway sitting on Oval Office couch. But is it misleading?

The senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway  was photographed kneeling on a couch in the Oval Office while the President met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities on Monday.

The set of photos showed Conway situating herself on the couch to take a photo of the group, but social media users took offense at her sitting on the furniture in heels.

Let’s look at the pictures- Is the photo being circulated by the mainstream media misleading?

Look at the pictures folks! It’s obvious that Kellyanne is on the COUCH to get out of the way of the main photographer taking the main photo.

Either way Twitter erupts! Oh well, a lot action has gone down in that office, we can add feet on the couch now. And what about Barack Obama’s feet propped up on the desk? Can we just get a grip people?!