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Fox New’s Tucker Carlson: ‘Not Every Accuser Tells The Truth, I Should Know’

Tucker Carlson addressed his own history of dealing with what he called false accusations of sexual assault on Monday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

If you are going to name the accused, you ought to name the accuser, assuming it’s an adult. News organizations are not courts. They shouldn’t take a side when guilt and innocence are in dispute. It’s too easy to get it wrong and they often do. Second, not everyone accused of a sex offense is guilty. Not every accuser is telling the truth. I learned this the hard way a number of years ago when I was accused of felony rape by a woman I had literally never even seen.

She was a certified public accountant in Indiana and upstanding member of her community and also apparently delusional. Her claims were grotesque but they were highly specific. The assault she said took place in the back room of a restaurant in Louisville on a specific day at around 10:30 p.m. She included loads of graphic and horrifying detail. It was stomach- turning.


And, yet, none of it, one of it was true. I spent the next two months trying to stay out of jail. I couldn’t tell my children because I knew they would be ashamed. I couldn’t tell my employer because I knew I would be fired immediately. I spoke only to lawyers and I paid them spent a fortune. I took a polygraph exam from the former head polygrapher at the FBI. I never stopped worrying that the charges would become public and destroy my life.

Everyone accused of sex offense did something wrong. Everybody knows that.

And I knew no one would believe otherwise. This isn’t a defense of sexual harassment or misbehavior obviously. It is just a reminder that real life is complicated. More complicated than sermonizing on Twitter. Sometimes the mob is wrong. Sometimes the innocent are crushed. That’s always a tragedy, no matter what the charge is.

Of course, crushing the innocent may also be the point of the exercise and we are seeing that. Last week a feminist called Emily Lindin announced on Twitter that she was quote, “not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs in the search for perpetrators of sexual harassment.” Quote, “If some innocent men’s reputation have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I’m absolutely willing to pay.”