Trump Tweets About The Cancellation Of ‘Roseanne’ And Has A Question For ABC

You know the story, I posted about this yesterday and everyone is talking about it (so it seems). Roseanne made a horrible joke about Valerie Jarrett, then blamed it on Ambien. Even if she didn’t mean it– which I really don’t think she did– she really should have known better.

There’s a double standard. Liberals can insult whoever they want and clearly society turns a blind eye. And that’s just the simple reality at this point. Roseanne definitely should’ve remembered this.

We all need to remember that and CALL EVERY ONE OF THEM OUT.

That’s exactly what President Trump just did.

Think about this: What did ABC do after Joy Behar insulted Mike Pence and Christians everywhere? Did they give her a warning? Did they immediately suspend her? Did they take her off the show? OR What about Bill Maher using the N word? Or What about Joy Reid of MSNBC using homophobic slurs.

Yep, none of them got canceled. It’s a double standard.