President Trump Responds To Allegations Of Abusing Melania

Conspiracy theories have been FLYING. Just ignore the fact that her “sudden” absence came after undergoing SURGERY.

Horrible. What an idiot!?

President Trump has responded to these “rumors” in the most Trump way possible.

CNN senior media correspondent Stelter quoted the president’s tweet and wrote, “Trump is conflating random Twitter commenters with ‘the media’ here. A common tactic of bad faith critics. But disappointing to see POTUS do it.”

Media watchdogs quickly called out Stelter for hypocrisy, since he was among the reporters who helped pushed the narrative that the first lady was “missing in action.”

Amid the backlash, Fox News contributor Stephen Miller joked, “We haven’t seen Brian in almost an hour. Where did he go? This is a legitimate news story that he just disappeared without warning or answering questions.”