Trump tweets wrestling video of him literally knocking out CNN

President Trump on Sunday posted a video of himself apparently from his pro wrestling days in which the head of the person he tackles appears to have been replaced with CNN logo.

The tweet also includes the words “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN.”

Maybe a little immature, but it’s just Twitter crap. People just need to calm down.

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It’s pretty funny (if you ask me). Maybe not in the best taste, but one couldn’t possibly argue that CNN doesn’t deserve it.

And Liberals need to get off their high horse and pedestals. I’ve seen far worse than this video. Did you see the pictures of Chelsea Handler’s Instagram? This is the crap Trump is up against fake news and disgusting Hollywood leftist elites.

Oh well, just another day in Twitter and Trump land. Love it! This is why we elected him to be President we wanted a fighter.