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Trump Is FURIOUS With Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe, And It’s With Good Reason.

According to this: CNN, CBS and The Washington Post are all saying that Andrew McCabe plans to retire just in time to get his full pension benefits. McCabe is ONLY 49 years old.

Trump is PISSED OFF!

Trump Is FURIOUS At Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe 1

Trump Is FURIOUS At Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe 2

Hillary Clinton’s pals apparently gave nearly a million dollars to McCabe’s wife when she tried to run for Virginia Senate, when he was involved in investigating her over the email server. The FBI insists his involvement in the investigation didn’t start until his wife’s political race was over. That looks seriously shady, The Justice Dept is looking into it.

ABC News reports that McCabe testified twice last week to the House Intelligence, Judiciary and Oversight committees and those meetings were “contentious.”



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