It is my opinion that Donald Trump himself released the video recording this week, now widely known as the infamous “Trump Sex Talk Video.”

Donald Trump knows exactly how to play the media he plays them well and he double downs on his opponents. We just saw Donald Trump do what pundits deemed impossible in the Primaries. He is not the typical Washington politician. Trump is running to be President not running to be the Pope. What would he care about this secret recorded sex conversation being in the public? He’s never pretended to be a good boy. And hardly ever cared what people thought of him especially the Washington elites.

Billy Bush deleted his Twitter this week after this tape was released publicly. And I’m sure he did because he didn’t see it coming. If he had released the infamous recording he would have been prepared for this social media firestorm.I highly doubt he’d be hiding and deleting his social media accounts. He had no idea this was coming.

The reason Trump released the video is easy…He needed this subject to be out into the public so he could go after Hillary Clinton’s record of defaming and shaming Bill Clinton’s sexual victims. There are many Bill Clinton sexual victims and it’s very well documented. Some victims assert that Bill raped them. See their exclusive interview video here. Read the entire story here. This will come up tonight in the debate. This is a well orchestrated series of events by Donald Trump to expose Hillary Clinton’s record of going after Bill’s victims. It’s about to be blown wide open and go up in flames forget the damn smoke.

This is of course, all of my own opinion. Get ready folks this debate tonight is going to be smoking hot. The kid gloves are off and my money is on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton and the media just got played in a huge way. Again, this is my opinion.