Video of Trump boarding Air Force One reveal full extent of thinning hair; Twitter mocks the President for trying to hide his baldness

Huffington Post reporter Ashley Feinburg published video footage of President Trump boarding Air Force One and the wind blowing exposes his his near balding scalp.

She posted the video with this caption:

at first i didnt think this could possibly be real but…. i think it is?

imagine what those locks look like soaking wet

if someone were to have a scalp reduction scar, it would be here

The President’s hair has not been a secret and it’s obvious his hair is a comb-over.

It makes sense. This is what happened on Fallon way back when. It’s no secret that his hair is an enormous comb-over.

According to the president’s official medical report, he takes finasteride, which is a drug for baldness. Regardless if he takes medication or not it’s still his hair.

So, this is not a secret. It’s clearly just a way for NASTY people to make fun of the President. Some people are touchy about things like this kind of like having to take Viagra. They don’t go advertising it. 

Just the fact I blogged about this is DUMB! It’s just hair and whether he is or not balding who give a rats ass? Get a life people get a life and GROW UP.