Transgender Woman Beaten In Moroccan

Transgender woman in Morocco brutally beaten on video

Police reportedly took the victim away in a police car as assailants continued to throw beer bottles at the vehicle. Two men have been arrested for the attack thus far, and the victim will appear in court Tuesday, reports the Agence France-Presse. “The investigation will continue to determine the responsibility of other persons,” said the police in a statement.

Notably, the victim may still face charges for homosexuality, which is currently punishable by imprisonment for up to three years under article 489 of Morocco’s penal code. The country made international headlines June 19 when two gay men were immediately arrested and sentenced to four months in jail after kissing in front of a sacred monument in Rabat in protest of the law. Source

WATCH! Muslims show a transgender woman what they think about her rights. Westerners and Feminists will pretend this didn’t happen.