Tomi Lahren former host on 'The Blaze' settles lawsuit with Glenn Beck

Conservative host of ‘Tomi’ settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer Glenn Beck and his online network The Blaze, both parties announced Monday.

Lahren alleged she was fired from The Blaze for expressing pro-abortion rights opinions during a March episode of the daytime television show The View.

Under the settlement, Lahren is formally released from her contract with The Blaze and will be allowed to keep the Facebook page connected to her time as a host for the company, which has nearly 4.3 million followers. She will return all of “intellectual property” belonging to The Blaze that was posted on the Facebook page.

A spokesperson for The Blaze said in a statement that the company was “pleased to announce” that its relationship with the 24-year-old television host had concluded.

Most of the details of the settlement were not disclosed, but Lahren’s lawyer said the agreement did not include a non-compete clause, meaning she is immediately able to begin work elsewhere.

“She is free to go,” Lauten told CNN. “She is no longer a clipped bird. She can fly wherever she wants.”

Onward & Upward! Thank you for standing by me through the storm. Now I can move forward freely, fearlessly and with my head held high! #TeamTomi