Toddler Was Served Alcohol Instead Of Apple Juice At This Restaurant

During lunch at a local restaurant, one Georgia family was shocked to find out that their toddler was served alcohol instead of apple juice.

After church, Alexis Smith and her husband took their daughter, 18-month-old Aaliyah, to an eatery just outside of Atlanta in Vinings, GA. During the meal, everything seemed normal. That is, until dad noticed something wasn’t right with Aaliyah’s apple juice.

 “We were about to leave. My spouse got the juice — it was in the kid’s cup — he tasted it and his chest started burning,” Alexis told 11Alive, a local NBC affiliate. “She was off balance a little.”

Toddler Served Alcohol Instead Of Apple Juice At This Restaurant 1

 Alexis and her husband suspected that it was alcohol, so they immediately told their server and the manager on duty, who later confirmed that the apple juice container has been mislabeled and Aaliyah had, in fact, consumed booze.

“I started crying at the restaurant,” Alexis said. “As a mom, it was very emotional. Alcohol is something serious.” The family immediately visited the doctor, who evaluated that Aaliyah’s vitals were normal.


Her parents believe Aaliyah took three sips during lunch, which would equate to roughly three teaspoons of alcohol. Based on her weight, that amount could have brought Aaliyah’s blood alcohol level to 0.065 percent, according to Poison Control. The legal limit for an adult in Georgia is 0.08 percent.

But what makes the situation even scarier is that the restaurant server had originally asked if the Smiths wanted Aaliyah’s apple juice poured directly into her sippy cup. They declined, and Alexis expressed relief for that decision. “She would have been sipping on alcohol all day and possibly died,” she said. “I’m just lucky that my daughter did not consume the whole cup because she probably would not be here now.”

source: Delish