“Get in the hole!” Tiger was NOT happy when a fan yelled during his backswing (Video)

If you’ve ever watched Tiger Woods play golf, you’ve surely heard the exclamation. It’s been a regular feature of his major runs. According to this:

But you likely – hopefully – heard it after a Tiger putt was hole-bound. Not before, which is when you heard it on Sunday.

An overzealous fan punctured the mid-swing silence at Torrey Pines on Sunday, the final day of the Farmers Insurance Open, as Tiger putted for birdie on 13:

A decently sized crowd stood in expectant silence, many – including Andre Iguodala – with mobile phones out to capture the moment. But just about halfway through Tiger’s swing, one fan screamed, “Get in the hole!”

The rest immediately reacted. “C’mon, man,” one said.

“Get him out of here,” another said.

And another: “Throw him out!”

The announcers commented on it. Tiger, once he saw the putt was going wide, looked back in annoyance. He was not happy. Nor was any golf purist watching. “We hope that bozo gets a lifetime ban from attending PGA Tour events,”