These Mountains...

These Mountains that you are carrying…

“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”

Such profound tender words. Do you resonate with this? Do you feel the heaviness of a mountain in your body, in your gut, in your shoulders? These Mountains That You Carry 1❤️

Find ease friends …. e a s e … Take a moment now, if you can, and slow down your mind. Get into your body. Let the breath of your spirit slowly settle and align your systems. Get in touch with the core of who you are. The beautiful essence awake inside you.

Now let’s talk for a little bit.

All the worries of the world need not be carried on your shoulders or in your heart. Breathe as you feel some of the weight lifting off you.

Of course life is about caring deeply, it’s about caring as much and as often as we can. Life is also about caring enough to share your burden and to find ways to lighten your load. Your care in the world is diminished when that care isn’t focused on yourself as well.

The world needs you at your best, with all your creative fire and passion and love and gentleness and humor and depth and insight. The world doesn’t particularly need the version of you that believes you are alone in the world with no one to share the journey up the mountain.

Let’s climb some mountains together … with ease in our heart and joy in our step.