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EXCLUSIVE: ‘I had already said no to everything’- Former best friend of The Voice’s Melanie Martinez says she was raped by Melanie in 2015

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A former best friend of The Voice star, Melanie Martinez, is opening up about how the singer allegedly raped her in 2015.

Timothy Heller says she and Martinez had become best friends after her band Dresses opened for The Voice star in concert. Heller details to DailyMailTV the night she claims Martinez raped her with a sex toy.

‘I was trying to sleep and she was stroking my arm, and I kinda put up with that. And then she was like can I just do this, can I just do this, can I just touch your boobs, even though I had already said no to everything. Eventually it just led to her performing sexual acts on me,’ Heller alleges to DailyMailTV on Monday. 

The next day, Heller says she was in shock but couldn’t go to police to report her friend.

‘I remember feeling like it was almost a bad dream, and it didn’t help that we never spoke about it either. We just pretended it didn’t happen.’

Heller had first spoke out about her allegations against Martinez on Instagram, and she says she’s remained silent until the #metoo movement spurred her to speak out about her own experiences. 

The Voice's Melanie Martinez is accused of rape by her former best friend 1

‘I wanted to start a conversation about how abusers are not always who you think they are, they can be your best friend, they can be someone close to you.’

However, Martinez has denied Heller’s allegations saying any intimate contact they had was consensual. 

‘She never said no to what we chose to do together,’ Martinez tweeted after Heller had made her accusations in early December.  

Martinez then followed up days later on Twitter again adding: ‘I understand how hard it could be to understand my side of the story, considering no one with a heart would want to invalidate anyone speaking up about this topic.

‘Please know that my intentions with everything I do in my life are always pure and I would never be intimate with anyone without their consent.’

The Voice's Melanie Martinez is accused of rape by her former best friend 2


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