The View’s Meghan McCain asks Mary Trump if she wrote a tell-all for the paycheck

Meghan McCain of ABC’s “The View” criticized the book by Mary Trump during a Thursday interview, suggesting at one point that the president’s niece had written it for the “great paycheck.”

“What do you say to people like me who think this is just a great way for you to get a paycheck right now?” McCain said at one point.

“If I had wanted to cash in… I would have done this ten years ago… and I would not have been taking the risks that I’m taking,” Mary Trump said in response.


The author is critical of Trump in the book, writing that he was always out for himself and that he was belligerent and uncontrollable as a youth. She’s also said that she was devastated when he was elected president because she saw him as unfit for office.

McCain during the interview offered skepticism about the Trump book, saying that it made some in the book such villains that “I don’t actually end up believing the stuff written.”

She also compared the book to books that have been written about her own family that she described as “complete and total garbage.”


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