The UN Wants To Ban Sexy Advertising. Because THAT’S The Biggest Problem The World Has Right Now

According to this, the UN’s Women’s Group has formed something called the Unstereotype Alliance. Their mission? To eradicate all hyper-sexualization and objectification of women in all advertising EVERYWHERE.

According to their mission statement, they will “tackle the widespread prevalence of stereotypes that are often perpetuated through advertising.” How exactly they plan on tackling this made up issue remains a mystery, but apparently tackling is a big part of the solution:

The Unstereotype Alliance…aims to tackle how the industry can affect positive cultural change by using the power of advertising to help shape perceptions that reflect realistic, non-biased portrayals of women and men.

“Stereotypes reflect deep-rooted ideas of femininity and masculinity. Negative, diminished conceptions of women and girls are one of the greatest barriers for gender equality and we need to tackle and change those images wherever they appear. Advertising is a particularly powerful driver to change perceptions and impact social norms. UN Women is excited to partner with the foremost industry shapers in this Alliance to challenge and advance the ways women are represented in this field.”

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