The Little Things In Life…

It's the little things in life...

It's the little things in life...

It’s the little things in life that make all the difference!

  • A 5-minute massage. Ask your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend to trade. Or if you’re single, get a spa pedicure in one of those amazing massage chairs.
  • A long phone conversation, like you used to have in junior high. Curl up with your cell, call a dear friend, and start reminiscing.
  • 10 minutes with an animal. Petting an animal is actually quite meditative. If you don’t have a pet, head to your local dog park and make a new furry friend.
  • An extra dollar in your pocket. Bring lunch from home and put your usual lunch money aside for a rainy day.
  • Finding money you didn’t know you had. Leave a ten in your coat pocket and then forget about it. Future you will be pretty psyched.
  • Receiving a hand-written letter. Become a pen pal—even if it’s to someone you know in person—so you can both give and receive non-e-communication.
  • A sweater straight from the dryer on a cold day. If you can push a button, this simple pleasure can be yours at any time.

Visit The Source: 40 Little Things That Make a Big Difference in Your Day

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